Myofascial Yoga

Are you looking to learn new ways to self-treat, increase mobility/stability and have some fun whilst doing so?

Myofascial Yoga was developed by Christine Wushke, a Myofascial Release practitioner, yoga therapist and functional movement trainer. By recognising and applying the commonalities between traditional yoga practice and the latest fascial research, Christine has developed a way of working with the body that meets you where you are at, allowing you to move forward with your recovery from wherever you are.

By engaging the fascia mindfully, learning about nervous system states, tensegral range and principles such as interoception and proprioception, you will be invited to learn your own body’s language and how it speaks to you. Exploring different movements without causing harm, identifying your own range and learning how to recognise what your body is telling you all helps overall health and wellbeing as well as reducing pain/tension, enhancing balance in the body’s systems and promoting relaxation.

Myofascial Yoga classes at Holisticare are open to anyone, no matter whether you are new to myofascial release or a seasoned fascial warrior! They are run by one of our therapists, Claire, and the small class size means individual attention for everyone.

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