Knee Replacements

Knee replacements are routinely performed when the knee joint is very arthritic, causing a lot of pain and stiffness. Although they are very common now, often the results are not what the patient hoped for. The post-op exercises are hard going and very important in getting optimum results from the operation. However these exercises can be very painful and so new knees easily stiffen up in the early weeks.

In our experience at Holisticare, having gentle hands-on treatment such as Myofascial Release before your operation can really help your recovery afterwards. This is because the tissues around your knee will be looser, relieving restrictions on your blood and lymph vessels, and nerve endings. If your muscles, especially the quadriceps (thigh muscle) are tight, it is harder to strengthen them, which is essential to support your new knee. So receiving pre-op treatment is ideal if possible.

After your operation, our gentle treatment is safe at any point; you don’t have to wait for a certain time before coming for treatment. Working around your new joint helps your body to heal and to prevent the scar tissue causing problems in the future. It is also great at working with your knee to improve the range of motion in a pain-free way. Then the strengthening exercises are more likely to be effective.

Sarah came for treatment before and after her knee replacement. As you can see, her knee movement improved and the swelling reduced over 3 days of treatment. This is what she said about her experience:

‘I couldn’t be more grateful to have met Nikki when I did – meant to be! Timing was perfect. And to be told that after just 2 weeks that where my progress was astonishing is testament to the treatment programmes that Holisticare offer. In not one of the sessions did I feel in pain and I knew I could stop at any point if I needed to. (I did a mini photoshoot – seated granted – for a surgeon who equally assumed that my op had been months before – don’t tell Nikki …) If you know anyone in pain from long term injuries, or newer injuries or expecting an operation, please put them in touch with Holisticare. They offer a zoom session ahead of committing to any treatment which means you know what to expect. I am a huge advocate and in putting your trust in Holisticare you are in the safest hands.’ Sarah P

Sarah's knee post-op
Sarah's knee after treatment

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