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We give hope to people who think they can't be helped, in a safe, caring, relaxed and expert enviroment.

To see what makes us different, please look at this video link.
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Award winning specialist practice in your community

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You don't have to live with pain!

We give hope to people who think they can't be helped, in a safe, caring, relaxed and expert enviroment.

To see what makes us different, please look at this video link.
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What we do

We provide effective and gentle therapy to patients of all ages – from new born to the very elderly. Our treatment can be adapted for anyone, whether you have a new injury or complex problems that you have been living with for years.

Home Visits

We encourage all patients to attend appointments at our Treatment Centre, as our facilities optimise the therapy. If this is not possible we can offer home visits within a 30 minute drive of Holisticare; the charge for these will include travel time. Please call us to find out more.

emergency cases

You can contact us 7 days a week; please call if you are in pain. We will always try to see you if at all possible, even outside our normal working hours. Please note that out-of-hours appointments will be charged at double our usual rate.

What makes us different

The Technique

At Holisticare we specialise in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release. John Barnes (pictured above) is an American Physiotherapist, who developed this "innovative and highly effective whole body approach for evaluation and treatment."

Imagine receiving a treatment that works with your body to help you reach your goals, so you can say that your symptoms no longer rule your life.

Myofascial Release is a safe, gentle, hands-on treatment that works with your body to untangle the restrictions that cause many symptoms.

It can make a difference to a lot of conditions that other types of therapy are not able to help in the long term. We have many patients that come to us having tried several other treatments, who have been told that they cannot be helped and that medication or surgery is the only option for them.

The difference lies in the ability of Myofascial Release therapists to feel where symptoms originate. By working with your body, we are often able to change the cause of your problems, which results in long-lasting benefits.

Your Treatment

At Holisticare, we take the time to listen to your story and we are committed to helping you to reach your goals and be able to manage your own symptoms.

Our patient-centred approach means that every session is different, depending on the needs of that patient on that day. This is determined by what the therapist and patient feel and communicate to each other during the treatment.

Our expertise and experience allows us to successfully work with people who have tried everything else and have been failed by other professions.

Our therapists never treat more than one patient at a time so you will always receive 100% of our attention during your appointment. We keep to our appointment times, ensuring that none of our patients are kept waiting. Our centrally held diary and notes allow for patients to see whichever of our therapists has the most convenient appointment time available. This cuts down on waiting times for initial and follow-up appointments.

We look forward to working with you.

Our  Location

One of only a few specialist Myofascial Release Centres in Europe, Holisticare is situated in a beautiful rural location on the Hertfordshire - Essex border in south east England. We are within 15 minutes of the neighbouring towns of Bishops Stortford, Great Dunmow, Harlow, Sawbridgeworth and Stansted, while Braintree and Chelmsford are only 20 minutes away. 

With easy access to the M11, Stansted Airport and the London to Cambridge train line, our patients can find us however far they have travelled to come for treatment.

The Holisticare Treatment Centre was purpose built on a working farm and opened in June 2012, expanding to our current Treatment Centre in June 2017. It is fully wheelchair accessible and offers a warm, friendly and professional atmosphere in which to receive your treatment.

We have free parking, and WiFi which our patients and their families are welcome to use before and after treatments.

To see round our treatment centre, please look at this video link.

How we can help you

Covid-19 Update
Sorry we are unable to do any hands-on treatments at the moment, but Nikki is offering video consultations via Zoom.

Video consultation
If you are an existing patient and would like a remote treatment session with Nikki, she is offering video calls for £15. She has access to your notes, so it doesn't matter if your treatment was with a different therapist.
This would be beneficial to those of you who:
•Had just started treatment before we closed and you are still in pain
•Are experiencing a flare up of an old problem
•Have new symptoms that you are not sure how to deal with
•Would just like to check that you are doing the right thing
The consultation can be done via Zoom. The call can last as long as is needed and Nikki will email you a copy of any new exercises that she recommends.
If you would like to book a video consultation with Nikki, please call her on 01279 718331 to arrange a time.

New patients
Nikki is also offering video consultations to new patients via Zoom. These cost £20 for the first session and £15 for any follow-up sessions.
This would be beneficial to anyone who:
•Normally sees a therapist but can't get there at the moment
•Has a flare-up of an old problem
•Has new symptoms
If you know anyone who is in pain at home, anywhere in the UK, please let them know that this is available.
As always, if any new patients give us your name as the referrer, you will be credited with £10 to use at Holisticare - remotely now or hands-on once we are open again.
New patients just need to call Nikki on 01279 718331 to book their session or to ask any questions.

Telephone advice
If you have already had treatment at Holisticare and would just like a quick chat with Nikki for some advice, this is available free of charge, 7 days a week 9am - 9pm.
Call 01279 718331; please leave a message if she doesn't answer and she will call you back as soon as she can.

Please note
All remote consultations will be recorded in your treatment notes and will be subject to the same confidentiality as normal treatments. They will not be recorded electronically in any way.
You are advised to find a private area for your consultation to maintain confidentiality.
Although Nikki will be able to advise you on a lot of things, these sessions cannot replace a physical examination. If you are experiencing any symptoms which require medical intervention, you are responsible for seeking medical attention.

We hope that you stay well, and please let us know if we can help in any way.
Your Holisticare Team

Conditions that may be helped
by Myofascial Release

There are many conditions and symptoms which affect the whole body and are caused by problems elsewhere in the body.

Although this technique is very effective, no treatment can claim to ‘fix' problems 100% of the time. If you are unsure whether your symptoms can be helped, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Follow this link for more information about Myofascial Release.

Physiotherapy is the physical approach to promote, maintain and restore physical health.

Some of the conditions that Physiotherapy can help are:

aches and pains
arthritic pain
back pain
circulatory problems
digestion problems
joint pains
muscle spasms
sports injuries

Please call us if you would like to find out more about how we can help you.

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