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Free Myofascial Release Treatment for Babies

Traumatic birth? Colic? Reflux? Tongue Tie?
Want to prevent problems in the future?


We specialise in a safe gentle treatment called Myofascial Release which can help your baby recover from the trauma and stress of being born.




It also promotes relaxation and well-being and can prevent problems occurring in the future.

We have treated many babies with conditions including tight painful muscles, torticollis, tallipes, head shape issues and breathing difficulties.

Free Myofascial Release Treatment offer

It’s so relaxing the babies we treat often fall asleep during treatment!

We would like to offer your baby a FREE Myofascial Release treatment (up to the age of 4 months)

Call us on 01279 718331 to book your baby’s free session.

Special Offer

A free treatment

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