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Physiotherapy for Long Covid

Long Covid is thought to have affected over 2 million people in the UK and according to the NHS, it is defined as when symptoms last more than 12 weeks after getting Covid-19 and those symptoms cannot be explained by any other condition.

Over 200 different symptoms have been reported and these may change over time. Recovery is very individual but if you are experiencing new or concerning symptoms, it is important to seek medical advice and support.

The main ongoing issues tend to be breathlessness, pain and fatigue. But many systems of the body may be affected: respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, neurological and psychological.

Pace yourself

Learning to listen to your body and pace yourself can be fundamental in helping yourself as you recover. Many people are used to ignoring what their body is telling them and pushing through their symptoms in order to continue with their lives as before. This can work if your symptoms aren’t too severe or if it is just the once. But continuing to ignore your body can actually increase symptoms and delay recovery. So try to work with your body instead of against it. For example, sitting to do some tasks that you would normally stand for, or taking a break halfway through a job.

The Constructive Rest Position

This is a yoga pose that focuses on allowing your lower back and your core muscles to relax. It is a neutral position that reduces muscle tension and can even clear your mind. It is helpful if you have chronic pain because of the link between muscle tension and your autonomic nervous system, which can affect energy levels and sensitivity to pain.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Your feet should be in line with your sitting bones and far enough away from each other to allow your knees to rest against each other.

You may need a small pillow or towel under your head to support your neck. You can also have your legs raised and resting on a chair or pillows if that is more comfortable for you. Your arms can rest on the floor or on your tummy, whichever you find most relaxing.

Then do nothing.

Focus on your breathing: 4 counts in, pause, 6 counts out. This will help your whole body to relax and let go. Do this for 10- 20 minutes a day if you can, remembering to follow your body and build up slowly if you need to. If you have time, longer sessions are advisable or even twice a day.

Treatment for Long Covid

Physiotherapy for Long Covid can help you to manage your symptoms. Myofascial Release treatment can also be beneficial and there are also specialist clinics that your GP may be able to refer you to.

If you would like to discuss options for Physiotherapy treatment, please feel free to contact us via this website or give us a call on 01279 718331.

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