Is our Let it Go programme too intense?

Let It Go Programme – Will it be too much for me?

A concern patients sometimes have is will the Let It Go programmes be too much? Will having lots of treatments close together cause more pain or overwhelm the body?

The answer to this is multi-faceted. To a degree, part of the reason the Let It Go programmes are so effective is because they DO overwhelm the body – but not in a bad way! When we have had chronic pain or long-standing symptom patterns, our bodies can get very used to being in a holding pattern and often will return to these patterns over and over again. One of the things the Let It Go program aims to do is to break these holding patterns by having frequent treatment to not allow the body to return to the negative pattern. This then allows the body to create a new, healthier way of being with less pain, more movement and greater ease.

Another aspect for consideration is that if you know you are someone who has big responses to your treatment sessions, you may want to allow more integration time between the sessions of your Let It Go programme. This is something we can work with you on when we arrange your schedule. For example, you may want to do early treatment one day, then later treatments the next to allow that little bit of extra time for you to feel into how your body is responding to treatment and what areas may need attention in your next hands-on session.

It is really normal to feel tired during a Let It Go programme. Even though you may feel like you are just lying on a couch, your body is working really, really hard on many levels. You are releasing years of stuck pain, trauma, emotion and “stuff” – it can sometimes feel like hard but extremely rewarding work!

If you have any concerns before, during or after your Let It Go package, our staff and therapists are always more than happy to talk things through with you. We function as a team at Holisticare and are all here to ensure you get what you want out of your time with us.

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