Physiotherapy for Tendonitis

Before you consider Physiotherapy for tendonitis, I would like to give you a bit of information about it.

‘Itis’ means inflammation, so tendonitis is simply inflammation of a tendon. Tendons are the strong bands that attach each end of your muscles to bone. They are vulnerable to injury and inflammation because they are not very stretchy and do not have a very good blood supply.

This means that if they are injured, for example being overstretched, twisted or suffer a direct blow, it takes much longer for them to heal. Tendonitis also occurs when stress is put onto the tendon from tightness and restrictions elsewhere in your body. For instance, if your pelvis is rotated, the forces transmitted through your fascial network will put your muscles and tendons under tension. So even if there is a minor injury, the tendon is much more likely to overstretch and become inflamed. This may happen without an actual injury if the irritation from other restrictions is bad enough.

Tendonitis can occur in any muscles, but the most common places are shoulders (rotator cuff), elbows (tennis and golfer’s elbow) and ankles (Achilles tendonitis).

Physiotherapy for tendonitis can reduce the inflammation and pain, as well as treating the cause.

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