Physiotherapy for Osteo-arthritis

Before you consider Physiotherapy for arthritis, I would like to explain the common causes, symptoms and possible solutions available to you.

Osteo-arthritis is sometimes known as wear and tear or degeneration of a joint. It can occur in any joint of the body and is a result of either abnormal use of a normal joint or normal use of an abnormal joint. In other words, you are much more likely to develop osteo-arthritis if you were born with congenital abnormalities, if you have ever injured the joint or if the joint is used over and over again in the same way.

The bony ends that come together to form the joint are covered by a thin layer of cartilage that protects them and produces the joint fluid for lubrication. As the joint begins to degenerate, this layer is gradually worn away so there is less lubrication and more friction between the bone ends. Severe arthritis is when there is very little cartilage left and the bone ends themselves start to wear.
Osteophytes are extra areas of bone that the body lays down to try and repair the damage done by the arthritis. They are normally on the outside of joints and look like nodules. They can cause a lot of pain as they push on nerves in the area that they grow in and lead to inflammation around them.

Typical symptoms are stiffness if you haven’t moved for a while, especially first thing in the morning, and pain, which get worse if you do too much. You can also get swelling around the affected joint and extra bone that is laid down by the body as it tries to correct the damage.

As with other painful conditions, it is the tension around the joint that causes most of the problems. This is because your other muscles need to work differently to maintain your balance and this compensation is felt by your horse, which will then also need to compensate and change its movements.

Arthritis sometimes becomes so severe that surgery is required. Hip replacements and knee replacements are the most common operations. Other joint replacements are also now becoming available, such as shoulders and joints in the feet and hands.

Physiotherapy for arthritic pain is very helpful in reducing symptoms and teaching people how to manage their condition.

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