Physiotherapy for Neck pain

Before you consider Physiotherapy for neck pain, I would like to explain the common causes, symptoms and possible solutions available to you.

Like back pain, your neck can be affected by the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments in the area and the pain will be made worse if you are doing anything that puts strain on it.

Often pain that is felt at the back of your neck is due to tension in the muscles at the front. This pulls your head and spine forwards, with gravity also pushing down so to stop you looking at the ground the whole time, the muscles at the back of your neck have to work harder to lift your head back into a more upright position.

If you have had any trauma to your head or neck and then you experience any of the following symptoms, it is important to get checked by a medical professional:
• Extreme pain in your neck or arms
• Dizziness
• Bad headache
• Weakness in one or both arms
• Urinary or bowel incontinence
• Difficulty controlling your legs when walking

The main effect that neck pain has on your posture is the tension that is almost always associated with it. As your head is relatively heavy and being upright against gravity requires you to be balanced, the muscles in your neck and upper back will tend to tense up to support your head and protect your neck.

The more you push your body while you have neck pain, the greater the protective response and this will result in tension being transmitted into your shoulders and down your arms.

This is when your shoulders are held up towards your ears, many times without you realising until you spot yourself in a mirror or someone else points it out to you. Holding your shoulders in this way may be associated with stress or it may simply have become a habit that feels normal.

When you are feeling stressed, your shoulders tend to creep up, which increases the tension in your muscles, causing pain, increasing stress, and so on until it becomes a vicious circle. The trouble is, once this becomes your normal position, your brain gets desensitised to it and it is harder to pick up when it is happening.

Physiotherapy for neck pain can help to reduce pain and tension and also treat the cause.

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