Physiotherapy for Accidents and injuries

Before you consider Physiotherapy for injury, I would like to explain the possible solutions available to you.


Fractures, sprains and strains are common injuries that can occur anywhere in your body. Of course every individual injury is different and will require specific treatment, but a frequent complication after healing, is the ongoing pain, swelling and stiffness. These symptoms can be a sign of restrictions in the surrounding tissues which need to be released.


If you have suffered a sports injury, it is important to allow your body to heal and follow rehabilitation advice to gradually return to your full activity. Many athletes re-injure the same area because they have built up too quickly.

Physiotherapy for sports injuries can aid healing and rehabilitation.

If you would like to discuss options for Physiotherapy treatment, please feel free to contact us via this website or give us a call on 01279 718331.

Holisticare is a UK based treatment centre, situated in a beautiful, rural Hertfordshire and Essex border location, with easy access via London and Cambridge rail and road links.

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