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  • Nikki Robinson 7:40 pm on March 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Has your operation been cancelled? 

    Cancelled op? What can you do?

    You may have seen the recent article by BBC reporter Nick Triggle which states that thousands of people in England are in “pain and discomfort” because their planned operations have been cancelled.

    One of the main reasons for the cancellations is to enable NHS staff to provide extra beds and try to keep up with the resources required by the additional demand on A&E during the winter months. The spells of snowy and icy weather haven’t helped!

    The NHS Trust local to Holisticare hasn’t escaped this effect with Princess Alexandra Hospital missing its January target of 92% of patients having planned operations and care waiting less than 18 weeks. The hospital met the target in December 2017 but this dropped to 89.3% in January (this is better than England’s average of 88.2%).

    The Royal College of Surgeons said that hip and knee surgeries were worst affected and overall there were 62,289 fewer planned operations carried out from November 2017 to January 2018 than in the same period the year before.

    If you’ve been left waiting, in pain and discomfort, possibly getting worse and still with an unknown date for your operation we may be able to help your body while you wait. Our gentle and effective therapy is suitable for people of all ages and can be adapted for anyone, whether you have a recent injury or have complex problems that you have been living with for years.

    Holisticare can help you relax, ease body tension, help to ease aches and pains and provides a safe, calm environment. If that’s what your mind and body are asking for ring us today to book your appointment.

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    Walking back to happiness 

    Walking Back to Happiness

    When did you last go for a walk? Not a walk to get somewhere but just a walk for its own sake. In a report in The Independent in August this year Public Health England stated that 41% of England’s 15.3 million adults aged 40-60 walk less than 10 minutes continuously each month at a brisk pace. That’s right, 10 minutes a month.

    In the decades since the Second World War we are walking less and less, sitting down more and are heavier and unhealthier than our ancestors. The simplest way to be healthier and fitter is by walking and it’s free!

    The biggest advantage with walking as exercise is most people can do it. You do not need to be young and healthy, fit and in training. Barring exceptions, most of us can start walking almost immediately and choose our own level of comfort with walking. Walking helps with weight loss or maintenance, helps to control or prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, strengthens the bones and muscles, improves your mood, and improves your balance and coordination.

    Some simple tips to get you on the move are:
    • Get the right shoes – they need to be comfortable, light and well-fitted, breathable and cushioned. They should be flexible but give support to your feet.
    • Set realistic goals for yourself – if you haven’t exercised much recently then a 20 minute walk four to six times a week is a good start. As your fitness increases aim to walk for an hour a day.
    • Keep your arms loose so that they can swing away as they want, the movement of your arms will aid in your walking and help to keep your body loose and relaxed
    • Make sure your legs, from the hip down, are engaged in walking. This helps to avoid injury. You may think that of course you’re engaging from the hip down but many of us walk more through our calves or thighs.
    • Keep it interesting – vary your speed, walking fast for 2 minutes then at a moderate pace for 5 minutes not only adds interest to your walk but makes you work a little but harder for a manageable length of time.
    • Appreciate your location – easy if you’re in a forest or on a beautiful country walk but town and city walks can offer different but just as fascinating sights and sounds.
    • Walking doesn’t have to just be for exercise – a 2 hour stroll is also beneficial to your health and can be great for your mental wellbeing.
    • Keep your head up, look forward and not at the ground.

    Brisk walking is considered moderate aerobic activity, in the same category as riding a bike on level ground, playing doubles tennis, skateboarding, rollerblading or playing volleyball!

    Whatever type of walking you’re going for, maybe an amble or ramble, trek or traipse, a stroll, saunter, schlepp or even striding out, the therapists at Holisticare can help prepare or repair you. The top 7 injuries incurred through walking are also the top 7 physical symptoms that prevent us trying in the first place. These are lower back pain, hip & joint inflammation or bursitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and bunions. Luckily we can treat and improve all of those and much more!
    So go on then, get out there and take a hike!

    Don’t Forget

    We are offering Fall Prevention Advice. Go to our website to find out more or ask one of our therapists.

    Find us on Facebook and Twitter to keep completely up to date with Holisticare.

    You are now able to buy Holisticare Christmas Gift Vouchers for your friends and loved ones. Simply tell us the name of the recipient, the value of the voucher you would like to gift and your personalised message and we will do the rest. We’ll even post it for you. Orders and payments can be made by calling 01279 718331.

    We are collecting toiletries, warm clothes and underwear (men’s and women’s) for a local homeless charity, Street 2 Homes. Please drop your donations into Holisticare and we will pass them on to the charity. Thank you for your support. You can find out more about what they do on their website:

    • We are open on Wednesday and Thursday evenings until 9pm and on Saturdays from 9am-3pm
    • If you recommend someone to us and they become a new patient we will give you £10 off your next treatment as a thank you.

    To find out how Holisticare can help you and your family, or it you would like to book in for some treatment, please call us on 01279 718331.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon,

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    Halloween Happiness! 

    If the thoskeletonught of doing the Monster Mash this Halloween gives you chills and they’re multiplying, and every day your body tells you that it’s Frankenstein Friday, why not give Holisticare a call?

    The Holisticare family might sometimes be a bit freaky and kooky, mysterious and spooky but we’re great at what we do and are one of only a few specialist Myofascial Release Centres in Europe.


    To put a little spring in your step we’ve adapted a song for your amusement particularly if you imagine Al, Ali and Damian trying to sing it through to check if it works! The tune is the “Time Warp” composed by Richard O’Brien for “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Singing is great for you, has physical and psychological benefits and you don’t even have to be in tune! If you can’t move around much, singing is an excellent way to have an aerobic workout, increase oxygenation in the blood and exercise major muscle groups in the upper body while sitting. Singing can help to reduce stress through engaging relevant parts of the endocrine system.

    Why not give it a go?!

    It’s astounding
    Things are hurting
    Aching takes its toll
    But listen closely
    We have a solution
    You can regain control

    I remember before it started
    Drinking those moments in
    Then the soreness hit me
    And the meds would be calling

    Come to Holisticare again
    Come to Holisticare again

    Can’t jump to the left?
    Or leap to the right?
    You get aches in your hips?
    And your knees aren’t right?
    But it’s the pelvic pain
    That really drives you insane?

    Come to Holisticare again

    Don’t Forget
    Our Autumn offer closes on November 5th so refer a friend now for £20 off a treatment for each of you.

    Go to our website to find out more about our Falls Prevention Service or ask one of our therapists.

    Find us on Facebook and Twitter to keep completely up to date with Holisticare.
    Call now on 01279 718331.

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    How to avoid falls 

    elderly falling in bathroom because slippery surfaces

    The Holisticare team have been talking a lot about falls recently. The reasons for this are because the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Saga and Public Health England have produced a leaflet called “Get Up and Go” (pick one up from Reception); the seasons have changed and the nights and weather are changing; we’ve seen an increase in patients needing our help after suffering an injury through falling and World Osteoporosis Day was on Friday 20th October.

    Osteoporosis affects over 3 million people in the UK with more than 500,000 needing hospital treatment for osteoporosis fractures every year. Worldwide it causes 9 million fractures annually. In 1996 the National Osteoporosis Society set up World Osteoporosis Day and the International Osteoporosis Foundation took it on in 1998. The aim is to raise public awareness about bone health and fracture prevention advice to more than two billion people.

    Osteoporosis weakens bones gradually, developing over several years and is often only diagnosed when a minor fall or sudden impact causes a bone fracture. Injuries can happen to any bone but the most common are the wrist, hip and vertebrae. Taking regular exercise, eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, not smoking and keeping alcohol consumption to sensible levels can all help to prevent osteoporosis. If you have, or suspect you have, osteoporosis please let your therapist know.

    Older people are more vulnerable and more likely to fall particularly if they have a long-term health condition but anyone can fall and hurt themselves. Approximately 1 in 3 adults over 65 who live at home will have at least one fall a year. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy says that half of people who fall will fall again in the next 12 months.

    There are many risk factors for falling. These include lack of physical activity, long term health conditions such as heart disease and low blood pressure, other health issues such as balance problems, muscle weakness, poor vision surgery, trauma, advancing age, environmental hazards like dim light, certain types of flooring particularly when wet and loose rugs, everyday activity such as going downstairs particularly if carrying something, reaching up for things, getting up to go to the toilet especially in the night, and previous falls.

    Injuries from falls are many and varied. A slip and fall tends to result in falling backwards, while a trip and fall ends with falling forwards. The direction you fall can influence the type and severity of your injuries. As well as physical injuries, falls can cause people to lose confidence, become withdrawn and feel as if they’ve lost their independence.

    Cuts and abrasions, soft tissue injuries and fractures and breaks are all common in falls. The most frequent areas to be hurt are wrists, backs, shoulders, knees and hips with pelvis and neck not far behind. Pulled muscles, torn or sprained ligaments and tendons can feel as painful as a break. Falls can even cause whiplash. Lower back damage can also result in numbness and tingling in the legs and feet often by a herniated disc or a compression fracture in the vertebrae. Hip and pelvic fractures are often problematic with most people over 65 not returning to completely independent living after a fracture.

    At Holisticare, we work with our patients and their carers to prevent falls by:
    • Identifying patients who are at risk of falling
    • Treating the patient to reduce pain, stiffness and swelling
    • Devising a personal exercise programme to improve strength, balance and mobility
    • Gait re-education to improve safety and confidence
    • Teaching the patient how to safely get up from the ground
    • Assessing risks in the home and other environments
    • Referring the patient to other professionals as required
    • Liaising with family, carers and other professionals involved in the care of at risk patients
    • Teaching carers how to safely assist the patient

    Each person will have a different history and risks, and therefore the specific treatment and advice given will be individual to that patient.

    Any specific falls assessment, exercises and advice will be given by one of our Physiotherapists, but the hands-on Myofascial Release treatment may be carried out by any of our therapists.

    Patients may be referred by their family or another health professional particularly for our falls prevention advice and treatment. All our therapists are also continually assessing their patients and if they are concerned, they will speak to the patient (and carer when appropriate) about how we can help.

    This service is provided as part of our usual charging structure, based on time, and does not have a set price. This is because we do not know in advance how much treatment will be needed, and we see our Myofascial Release treatment as integral to falls prevention.

    If you would like to find out more about how we can help you or someone that you know to prevent falls, please call us on 01279 718331.

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    What’s happening at Holisticare 

    We’re taking a slightly more traditional approach to this week’s blog so we’re letting you know what we’ve been up to when we haven’t been treating patients and looking ahead to the next couple of months.

    Best Business Women Awards The whole team had a night out at the national 2017 Best Business Women Awards held at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel this week. It’s rare that we get to go out as a team, and even rarer that we have to dress up so there were sparkles and glitter galore and the female members of the team made an effort too! After the introductory talks of the evening, and a three course meal, we settled down for the awards ceremony. Nikki was a finalist in the Most Inspiring Business Woman and Best Business categories.

    We looked at the awards schedule. They were the last two categories of the evening! We had time to relax and enjoy celebrating the successes of all the businesses in the other categories – and time for the anticipation and nerves to build!

    The evening’s hosts kept things moving swiftly and all of a sudden we were down to the last awards. Sadly we didn’t win either of them but we’re not disheartened as to be finalists in two of the most popular categories (we weren’t eligible for the Health and Wellness Award as Holisticare won that last year) is a great achievement. You can see our finalist certificates on the wall in the treatment centre.

    Kemi Badenoch MP We were very pleased to welcome Saffron Walden MP, Kemi Badenoch, this week with a member of her staff, Toby. She spoke in some detail with Nikki about Myofascial Release, Holisticare, small businesses and the upcoming parliamentary debate about vaginal mesh. Nikki then gave Kemi a taster treatment and as Sally was available, Toby also received a taster treatment. It was great to be able to discuss the complications of vaginal mesh use with a female MP to spread awareness. Similarly it was good to talk about the difficulties that small businesses face in the current economic climate.

    Streets2Homes Damian is now taking Holisticare to Streets2Homes on Monday mornings. This is a charity day centre based in Harlow which helps those who are homeless or vulnerably housed. The day centre is a place where they can have a meal, a shower, access health services and receive support and advice in housing and employment. The length of treatment Damian is able to offer depends on the number of people attending that day. Myofascial Release Treatment helps relieve the physical pain of sleeping outside and having nowhere suitable to rest and also helps to reduce anxiety.

    Autumn Offer Who do you know who needs our help? Refer a new patient to Holisticare before November 5th and they will benefit from £20 off their first appointment. We will give you a £20 voucher towards your own treatment to say thank you. The referred patient appointments much be taken before 5th November. Call 01279 718331

    Christmas Gifts You are now able to start your Christmas shopping with Holisticare. Personalised Holisticare Gift Vouchers are available to the value of your choice from £10 all the way up to a course of your set number of treatments and our Intensive Treatment Programme. Simply tell us the name and address of the recipient, the value of the voucher you would like to gift and your personalised message and we will do the rest. We’ll even post it for you!

    Non-attendance Fees We require at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. We frequently have a waiting list so if you cannot attend please let us know as soon as possible so we can offer the space to someone else in need of treatment. If you give us late notice or simply do not attend you will be invoiced for the full cost of the missed treatment as agreed on your signed Patient Consent form. In rare cases we will waive the fee at our discretion. In extremely rare cases we will consider legal action to recover the debt.

    Appointments next week All therapists are full or nearly full next week with a handful of appointments available between them. Jacina and Al will be very happy to fill the remaining slots so give them a ring and if they can’t find a space for you they will put on the cancellation list and call you if a space becomes free.

    Don’t Forget We offer late hours appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays. From 25 October Damian and Ali will be here on Wednesday evenings and Nikki and Sally will be here on Thursday evenings.

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    What makes you smile? 

    “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

    How do you sign off your texts? Your name or an ‘x’ maybe. How about a smiley emoji? Most of us enhance our text talk with a smattering of emojis and the smiley face is probably the most popular. The little yellow face is so commonplace now that it’s easy not to realise that this little creation is responsible for World Smile Day which is this Friday.

    2853faa64d4ddd3f03fad9c39eadb4b9--teeth-emoji-smiley-happySmiley face is now 54 years old! Contrary to the film, it was not invented by Forrest Gump but by graphic artist Harvey Ross Ball in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1963. He was asked to design something to raise morale among employees of an insurance company which had suffered a combination of mergers and acquisitions and the staff were unhappy. Ball took just 10 minutes to create Smiley face and was paid $45. It’s unknown if it had the desired effect on the employees but the smiley was an immediate success with customers and thousands of smiley buttons were produced.

    Thirty six years later, Ball felt that the original intention behind his creation had been lost and had the idea that for at least one day a year people should smile at each other and be kind to each other. World Smile Day has been on the first Friday of October since 1999.

    He was onto something too, probably without realising. In Psychology Today, Sarah Stevenson wrote
    that research on Emotion and Social Behaviour shows us that a smile is contagious, can make us appear more attractive to others and a smile can make us and those around us feel better.

    Smiling triggers the release of tiny protein-like molecules called neuropeptides which allow neurons to communicate and help messaging to the whole body when we’re excited, sad, angry, depressed or happy. Neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released when you smile too. These are the body’s feel good chemicals so a smile can help you relax and lower your heart rate and blood pressure! E. Able and M Kruger’s research even suggests that smiling can help us live longer.

    So how is smiling contagious? Is it just good manners to return a smile? Well, while it is undoubtedly polite it’s also something we do automatically. The cingulate cortex is an automatic response area of the brain which is responsible for making your face smile when you’re happy or automatically smiling back at someone. A Swedish study tested the theory by showing subjects pictures of different emotions: joy, anger, fear and surprise. They were told to frown when they saw someone smiling in the pictures but the researchers discovered that the facial expressions of the subjects directly imitated those in the picture and frowning at the smiles was difficult and required conscious effort.

    But… what if you have a condition that physically inhibits your smiling or makes it painful? Your brain is sending your facial muscles signals to smile yet there is something preventing that smile from forming, or forming in a way that you’re not happy with either through appearance or because it hurts.

    Various conditions can physically affect our smile.

    Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy affects the muscles around the eyes and mouth. It progresses slowly but patients may have difficulty blowing a whistle, blowing up a balloon or drinking through a straw. It’s hard to smile or pucker up or get much strength in the mouth.

    Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching and can cause headaches, worn or broken teeth, facial and jaw pain and earache. It’s hard to control as sufferers often find it happens while they’re sleeping. Pain in your face is definitely enough to stop you smiling. Long term bruxism can lead to temporomandibular joint disorder. This is more often (thankfully!) known as TMJ or TMD.

    This joint hinges your jaw together with your skull and gives you the ability to chew, yawn, speak, laugh and smile so, when there’s a problem with it, these normal functions become difficult and these debilitating symptoms impact everyday life. TMJ can also cause headaches, earache, pressure behind the eyes, tension in the jaw and jaw locking.

    Trauma at birth, such as a forceps delivery, and torque in the pelvis can also contribute to difficulties smiling.

    What is the answer then? Well, you can put up with it or you can do the sensible thing and get yourself treated. Myofascial Release Treatment can help with all these things so therefore we’re very happy to announce that Holisticare makes you smile!

    Don’t Forget
    Autumn Offer Who do you know who needs our help? Refer a new patient to Holisticare before November 5th and they will benefit from £20 off their first appointment. We will give you a £20 voucher towards your own treatment to say thank you. The referred patient appointments much be taken before 5th November. Call 01279 718331

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    5 ways Lady Gaga could help ease the symptoms that have forced her to cancel her tour dates 

    Lady Gaga has been in the news recently, after she revealed the reason for cancelling concert dates. In her documentary, she talks about how she has been suffering from Fibromyalgia.

    Fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic pain conditions in the world, affecting an estimated 3-6% of the world’s population (200-400 million people). Around 80% of those suffering are women.

    Symptoms are mainly pain, extreme fatigue, tenderness around the body, sleep problems, headaches and IBS. But often people have a range of problems that vary from day to day.

    Lastest research by American Neuroscientist Dr Frank L Rice has found that sufferers have an excessive number of nerve fibres called arteriole-venule (AV) shunts. It is thought that these cause a lot of the symptoms. Every cell in your body is connected by a continuous web of connective tissue, which tightens in response to trauma, surgery, stress and ongoing poor posture. If these restrictions are causing tension around the AV shunts, the nerve fibres will become irritated, leading to pain and altered blood flow

    Myofascial Release is a gentle hands-on treatment that was developed by American Physiotherapist John Barnes. The technique allows the therapist to work with your body and mind to untangle the restrictions that cause pain, tension and inflammation, relieving the irritation on the nerve fibres and easing the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

    5 Tips to help ease your Fibromyalgia symptoms

    1. Drink plenty of water: you are made up of 70% water, so dehydration affects every cell and connective tissue fibre in your body
    2. Breathe properly: most of us breathe from the tops of our lungs, rather than using our diaphragms to fill our lungs completely. Improving your breathing technique helps your cells to receive enough oxygen.
    3. Follow your body: it’s ok to rest when you have had enough! By stopping the activity that is aggravating your symptoms, you will enable your body to settle down before everything flares up.
    4. Posture: have a look at how you are spending most of your day. Your body will become the shape it is put into, so by making changes to computer screens, desk chairs, etc, you will be able to relax more easily.
    5. Find a Myofascial Release therapist to assess you and advise on the best course of treatment to help your symptoms.

    Nikki Robinson is one of the top Myofascial Release Physiotherapists in Europe. Contact her at or

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    Getting A Round 


    September is an extremely busy month in the golf world! The Ladies Major Championships are in France, the USLPGA Tour is in New Zealand, the PGA European Tour is visiting The Netherlands, Portugal and England while the USPGA Tour is heading to Illinois, Atlanta, California and New Jersey. It is little wonder then that Jack Dillon, writing for, says that Autumn is the best season to play golf as courses are less crowded and the air is becoming crisper. He recommends that you “grab the joy while you can” and get some rounds played before winter comes in. states that the 10 most common golf injuries are:
    1. Back pain
    2. Tendonitis in the elbows
    3. Knee pain
    4. Shoulder pain
    5. Wrist injuries
    6. Hand and finger injuries
    7. Neck injuries
    8. Foot and ankle injuries
    9. Hip injuries
    10. Sunburn

    Although some of these can be avoided by warming up the muscles and ensuring your grip and swing are correct others are harder to ward off. The good news is that Holisticare therapists can help if you do get a golfing injury.

    Golfers spend their time on the course in two main positions – the bent-over stance when taking a shot and the more upright walking position (but this is compromised by carrying or pulling their set of clubs). Incidentally you might be surprised how far you walk during an 18 hole round. It was found that on the 6800 yard (3.9 mile) course of Royal County Down the average distance walked was 6.6 miles!

    ElbowThe rotational action of a swing puts pressure on every part of the body. This can result in back pain, tendonitis, bursitis, tears in the rotator cuff in the shoulder, twisted knees and hips and a stiff neck.
    Golfer’s elbow is an inflammation of the inner tendon of the elbow, opposite to tennis elbow which is inflammation of the outer tendon but golfers get both due to the swing action. Jack Nicklaus and Peter Jacobsen both needed hip replacements and it is believed that the repeated rotational force on the body contributed to this.

    Jolt action also causes injuries and pain – there are few golfers who have never taken a massive, deep divot instead of a smoother, shallow one and the energy of this travels up the club and back into the body. Hitting a hidden tree root has similar impact. In 2015 Tiger Woods hit a shot into the rough on the 9th holes, he had a seemingly clear shot to get back into position on the course. He took the shot and hammered is club into a tree root causing instant pain in his wrist. Apparently he popped a ligament back into place and carried on!

    So, get out there, enjoy your golf and if you need us you know where we are!

    Woodfest Weekend
    The Holisticare team have being getting around too! We had a great weekend at Woodfest in Hatfield Forest on the 2nd weekend of September. Our therapists are so good that people who had taster treatments managed to relax despite our being next to the children’s activities which included a not so peaceful leaf banging bonanza! The majority of people coming for treatment had neck, shoulder and back pain so if you know anyone who is “Woodfesting” next year let them know there will be a place on site to ease their camping aches!

    Saturday was very busy but Sunday less so due to the weather. Taking appointments while firmly holding onto a gazebo that was threatening to blow away was a new experience. Gordon is often a natty dresser on his days out but, as he had no need for his sun hat and had left his Sou’wester at home, he let the sound from the main stage tent wash over him and took a nap.

    Remember that if you took one of our Woodfest leaflets from us you will receive £15 off your first treatment with us.

    Mental Health Wellbeing Extravaganza presented by The Centre of Wellbeing & East Herts Council

    On Sunday 17th September Nikki and Sally had an extremely busy day at The Rhodes Art Complex in Bishop’s Stortford with so many people coming for taster treatments that they had to stop taking bookings. It was a great event organised by Claire Evans from The Centre of Wellbeing in Sawbridgeworth and Holisticare were very pleased to be able to attend and be part of the experience.

    Don’t Forget
    We require at least 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment. Notice under 24 hours or non-attendance incurs a charge for the usual rate of your therapist payable on receipt of invoice.

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    A Summer Holiday Treat 

    What do you do with, or for, your children in the long summer holiday? Perhaps you go abroad to a glorious sunny beach or pool, or book them onto activity or sports weeks. Maybe you treat them to days out to zoos, theme parks or studio tours. Possibly you just allow them the freedom of enjoying the longer days, hanging out with their friends and let yourself savour not having to oversee homework or make sure they get to school on time, all the while dreading the horror of checking if school uniform still fits and will make it through to December.

    But what could you do which might influence their wellbeing all the way into adulthood? The best way is to give your children a summer holiday treatment at Holisticare. Myofascial Release is one of the few treatments that is completely safe at all ages, from new born upwards. It is a very gentle way of working with your body to untangle restrictions. As you know, it is very common to have aches and pains when you get older and these are often related to old problems that you have had for years. With our expertise we can tackle the problems your child has now to help reduce pain they might get in 50 years’ time!

    Female runner knee injury and pain.

    Do the children in your life complain about any aches, pains or tightness? Have they had operations or broken bones? Have they had lots of dental work? Do they play a lot of sports? Have they previously (or currently!) injured themselves? Falls are the most common cause of nonfatal injuries for children aged 0-19 – they account for 44% of all children’s accidents in the UK (Consumer Safety Unit 24th Annual Report) and result in anything from bruises to sprains, pulled muscles, ligaments and tendons, dislocations, fractures and breaks. Scalds and burns are other very common injuries to children with around 2500 children going to A&E every year as a result of bath water scalds, with 500 needing to be admitted. We can treat scarring to make them feel less tight.


    If any of these have happened to your children please talk to them and find out if they are living with pain or other symptoms, and how long it has been going on. Children often assume that symptoms they have always had are normal, so they might not think to tell you. But by listening to them now and getting help if they need it, you can save them from a life time of problems.



    If your child is still a baby and had a difficult birth, perhaps by forceps or ventouse, is tight and stiff from positioning in the womb, has a flattened head from lying in one position, or suffers from colic or reflux we can treat those too. The youngest child we have treated was just 2 days old.



    Son and Daughter Day is on Friday 11 August so if you do discover that your child is living with pain or other symptoms, then please give us a call at Holisticare. Our therapists are happy to give a free phone consultation so that you know if we can help your child.

    Don’t Forget!

    Late and Saturday Appointment Times We are open from 9am – 9pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays and 9am-3pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If you can’t make our normal 9am-3pm times call for an evening or Saturday appointment on 01279 718331.

    Notice board Our notice board is now up and we have divided it into three sections: Holisticare, Other Therapies and Community. The Holisticare section shows all our leaflets and news about us. The middle section displays leaflets and business cards from other therapists, two who treat patients in our centre (Ed Fuller, acupuncture, and Harvey Backshall, Mindpro hypnotherapy and NLP) as well as others such as reflexologists, nutritionists and counsellors. The Community section is to allow local organisations to advertise their events that may be of interest to other members of the Holisticare family.

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    We’re One to Watch! 

    We’ve had a hectic few weeks at Holisticare and it has been great!

    As most of you already know we moved into our new, purpose-built Treatment Centre at the end of May. We also entered the St Clare £50 Challenge and held a raffle, a “Helping Hands” art competition and a quiz night, our Open Day, and, as if that wasn’t enough, we then found we were finalists in Uttlesford Business Awards too.

    The £50 Challenge ran from April to June. The aim was to use fifty pounds to fundraise as much as possible for the Hospice. We sold so many raffle tickets that at one point we had one receptionist and three therapists all diligently folding and tearing to make sure that they were ready for the draw at the Quiz Night. Thank you to everyone who joined in and also to everyone who donated prizes, they varied from treatment vouchers for acupuncture and reiki to an assortment of hampers to wine to a handmade oak bowl.

    Ali and Al worked very hard to provide an entertaining quiz evening and Sally, Damian and Jacina helped out on the evening with setting up the hall and some super-speedy marking. A fabulous thirteen teams came to the quiz held in Hatfield Broad Oak Village hall. The lead was hotly contested with five teams taking the lead throughout the evening. Well done to “Strong and Stable”, “Mixed Veg”, “The Artists”, and “Pizzerears” but at the final count “Higgs Bosun” won by just 3 points. The winning team members were presented with a bottle of wine each. A special mention goes to the two teams who graciously shared last place, “O The Consanants” and “Norfolk and Chance”. We had prizes for them too – traditional wooden spoons and less traditional party bottles of bubbles! We also played a Heads and Tails, true or false game. There were more questions planned but one particular question took out over half the room! Congratulations to Duncan Rutherford who won a bottle of champagne which has kindly been donated by Sainsbury’s in Thorley. A photo revealed later that he didn’t keep hold of it for long as other members of his team took advantage while he dismantled the speakers and microphone which he had generously allowed us to use for the evening.

    Local professional artist, Paulene Brakspear judged our Helping Hands Art Competition entries and gave feedback for every single contestant which is far more than we ever expected her to do so thanks Paulene, you are amazing.

    handsWe held our award ceremony at our Open Day. Many people attended, had a look round our new treatment rooms, enjoyed some refreshments in our studio and Reception was very full! Certificates were awarded to all entrants who achieved a Special Mention place or higher and the winners of each category won a free treatment at Holisticare worth £66. In addition the Pre-School, Primary and Secondary age winners won a book about the human body, a build your own skeleton kit and an art set respectively. All the “Helping Hands” are currently on display on our noticeboard but they’ll only be there a week as they are going to be used to make a collage picture to donate to St Clare who is intending to auction it to raise even more funds. The winners are as follows:

    Special Mention Third Place Runner up Winner
    Pre school Esme Annabelle Joshua Jack
    Primary Junior Mohammed
    Olivia Cooke
    Laura Sydee
    Sara Sadek Summer Waite Emma Foden Lara Bradby
    Secondary William Walker William Honour
    16+ Vicki Wheeler
    Amanda Honour Janaki Ananda Janet Piercy Marion Martin
    Overall competition William Honour Marion Martin


    Also at the Open Day we announced how much we’d raised in the challenge – a very healthy £1660. Nikki was excited to be able to present Amy Jacobs, St Clare Corporate Partnerships Manager, with a “big cheque”.

    This is the third time we have participated in the Challenge and we were delighted with the amount we raised this time, it takes our total to over six thousand pounds.



    Unfortunately Nwinnerikki was unable to come to the quiz but she had a very good reason. She was attending the Uttlesford Business Awards evening. Holisticare was a finalist in the Small Business of the Year Category and winner of the Judges’ Award which is chosen from all the finalists and is the business that the judges feel show great potential and is the “one to watch” for 2017. Nikki said, “I was delighted that we were finalists in the Small Business of the Year award. It has been a very busy and exciting year at Holisticare, expanding our team and moving into larger premises with more treatment rooms and in-house studio for group treatments, classes and hire. We are excited to win the Judges’ Award because it means our passion and our skill in our specialism is being recognised.”


    Don’t Forget!

    Workshop for Horse Riders. Our first set of Riders’ Workshops was very successful. Call us on 01279 718331 to register your interest for future sets and/or let us know if your stables would be interested in hosting the workshops.

    Free Yourself Hour Classes. If you have missed this round of classes don’t worry, our next set will begin in September. You can register your interest now and we will contact you nearer the time to confirm your place.

    Notice board
    We are creating a Community section on our notice board. Initially this will be primarily to advertise events in our local community including Hatfield Broad Oak, Hatfield Heath, Sheering, Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow, Saffron Walden and Dunmow. If you have, or know of, events that would be of interest to other members of the Holisticare family such as Fun Runs, school fayres or festivals please email or drop in with your leaflet or poster (maximum size A4 please).

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