Halloween Happiness!

If the thoskeletonught of doing the Monster Mash this Halloween gives you chills and they’re multiplying, and every day your body tells you that it’s Frankenstein Friday, why not give Holisticare a call?

The Holisticare family might sometimes be a bit freaky and kooky, mysterious and spooky but we’re great at what we do and are one of only a few specialist Myofascial Release Centres in Europe.


To put a little spring in your step we’ve adapted a song for your amusement particularly if you imagine Al, Ali and Damian trying to sing it through to check if it works! The tune is the “Time Warp” composed by Richard O’Brien for “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Singing is great for you, has physical and psychological benefits and you don’t even have to be in tune! If you can’t move around much, singing is an excellent way to have an aerobic workout, increase oxygenation in the blood and exercise major muscle groups in the upper body while sitting. Singing can help to reduce stress through engaging relevant parts of the endocrine system.

Why not give it a go?!

It’s astounding
Things are hurting
Aching takes its toll
But listen closely
We have a solution
You can regain control

I remember before it started
Drinking those moments in
Then the soreness hit me
And the meds would be calling

Come to Holisticare again
Come to Holisticare again

Can’t jump to the left?
Or leap to the right?
You get aches in your hips?
And your knees aren’t right?
But it’s the pelvic pain
That really drives you insane?

Come to Holisticare again

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