Getting A Round


September is an extremely busy month in the golf world! The Ladies Major Championships are in France, the USLPGA Tour is in New Zealand, the PGA European Tour is visiting The Netherlands, Portugal and England while the USPGA Tour is heading to Illinois, Atlanta, California and New Jersey. It is little wonder then that Jack Dillon, writing for, says that Autumn is the best season to play golf as courses are less crowded and the air is becoming crisper. He recommends that you “grab the joy while you can” and get some rounds played before winter comes in. states that the 10 most common golf injuries are:
1. Back pain
2. Tendonitis in the elbows
3. Knee pain
4. Shoulder pain
5. Wrist injuries
6. Hand and finger injuries
7. Neck injuries
8. Foot and ankle injuries
9. Hip injuries
10. Sunburn

Although some of these can be avoided by warming up the muscles and ensuring your grip and swing are correct others are harder to ward off. The good news is that Holisticare therapists can help if you do get a golfing injury.

Golfers spend their time on the course in two main positions – the bent-over stance when taking a shot and the more upright walking position (but this is compromised by carrying or pulling their set of clubs). Incidentally you might be surprised how far you walk during an 18 hole round. It was found that on the 6800 yard (3.9 mile) course of Royal County Down the average distance walked was 6.6 miles!

ElbowThe rotational action of a swing puts pressure on every part of the body. This can result in back pain, tendonitis, bursitis, tears in the rotator cuff in the shoulder, twisted knees and hips and a stiff neck.
Golfer’s elbow is an inflammation of the inner tendon of the elbow, opposite to tennis elbow which is inflammation of the outer tendon but golfers get both due to the swing action. Jack Nicklaus and Peter Jacobsen both needed hip replacements and it is believed that the repeated rotational force on the body contributed to this.

Jolt action also causes injuries and pain – there are few golfers who have never taken a massive, deep divot instead of a smoother, shallow one and the energy of this travels up the club and back into the body. Hitting a hidden tree root has similar impact. In 2015 Tiger Woods hit a shot into the rough on the 9th holes, he had a seemingly clear shot to get back into position on the course. He took the shot and hammered is club into a tree root causing instant pain in his wrist. Apparently he popped a ligament back into place and carried on!

So, get out there, enjoy your golf and if you need us you know where we are!

Woodfest Weekend
The Holisticare team have being getting around too! We had a great weekend at Woodfest in Hatfield Forest on the 2nd weekend of September. Our therapists are so good that people who had taster treatments managed to relax despite our being next to the children’s activities which included a not so peaceful leaf banging bonanza! The majority of people coming for treatment had neck, shoulder and back pain so if you know anyone who is “Woodfesting” next year let them know there will be a place on site to ease their camping aches!

Saturday was very busy but Sunday less so due to the weather. Taking appointments while firmly holding onto a gazebo that was threatening to blow away was a new experience. Gordon is often a natty dresser on his days out but, as he had no need for his sun hat and had left his Sou’wester at home, he let the sound from the main stage tent wash over him and took a nap.

Remember that if you took one of our Woodfest leaflets from us you will receive £15 off your first treatment with us.

Mental Health Wellbeing Extravaganza presented by The Centre of Wellbeing & East Herts Council

On Sunday 17th September Nikki and Sally had an extremely busy day at The Rhodes Art Complex in Bishop’s Stortford with so many people coming for taster treatments that they had to stop taking bookings. It was a great event organised by Claire Evans from The Centre of Wellbeing in Sawbridgeworth and Holisticare were very pleased to be able to attend and be part of the experience.

Don’t Forget
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