A Summer Holiday Treat

What do you do with, or for, your children in the long summer holiday? Perhaps you go abroad to a glorious sunny beach or pool, or book them onto activity or sports weeks. Maybe you treat them to days out to zoos, theme parks or studio tours. Possibly you just allow them the freedom of enjoying the longer days, hanging out with their friends and let yourself savour not having to oversee homework or make sure they get to school on time, all the while dreading the horror of checking if school uniform still fits and will make it through to December.

But what could you do which might influence their wellbeing all the way into adulthood? The best way is to give your children a summer holiday treatment at Holisticare. Myofascial Release is one of the few treatments that is completely safe at all ages, from new born upwards. It is a very gentle way of working with your body to untangle restrictions. As you know, it is very common to have aches and pains when you get older and these are often related to old problems that you have had for years. With our expertise we can tackle the problems your child has now to help reduce pain they might get in 50 years’ time!

Female runner knee injury and pain.

Do the children in your life complain about any aches, pains or tightness? Have they had operations or broken bones? Have they had lots of dental work? Do they play a lot of sports? Have they previously (or currently!) injured themselves? Falls are the most common cause of nonfatal injuries for children aged 0-19 – they account for 44% of all children’s accidents in the UK (Consumer Safety Unit 24th Annual Report) and result in anything from bruises to sprains, pulled muscles, ligaments and tendons, dislocations, fractures and breaks. Scalds and burns are other very common injuries to children with around 2500 children going to A&E every year as a result of bath water scalds, with 500 needing to be admitted. We can treat scarring to make them feel less tight.


If any of these have happened to your children please talk to them and find out if they are living with pain or other symptoms, and how long it has been going on. Children often assume that symptoms they have always had are normal, so they might not think to tell you. But by listening to them now and getting help if they need it, you can save them from a life time of problems.



If your child is still a baby and had a difficult birth, perhaps by forceps or ventouse, is tight and stiff from positioning in the womb, has a flattened head from lying in one position, or suffers from colic or reflux we can treat those too. The youngest child we have treated was just 2 days old.



Son and Daughter Day is on Friday 11 August so if you do discover that your child is living with pain or other symptoms, then please give us a call at Holisticare. Our therapists are happy to give a free phone consultation so that you know if we can help your child.

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